becoThe music of “General Rodriguez” has always been based on images. Each song has a different vibe and takes the listener to different landscapes and scenes. Unlike many instrumental works that emphasize improvisation (jazz), a particular culture, region (world music) or just virtuosity, the band´s idea is to work the soundscape with complete freedom, without letting anything get in the way of pure musical expression.

As in a novel, the characters can sometimes take the songs to unexpected places. For instance, a guitar riff with a northeastern Brazilian rhythm, can cross the seven seas and land in India, thousands of miles away from Brazil, as in the song “Curry On.”

Musical quotations are also a trademark of General Rodriguez and can be found in almost all tracks, both explicitly and in the atmospheric influences brought by each band member.

This is not a guitar, keyboard or bass oriented CD. Egos were put aside, so that everyone had the chance to have their special moment in the spotlight, so the music could flow naturally and stand on its own.

General Rodriguez is:

Bruno Sampaio - guitars
Fabio Girão - bass
Newton Cardoso - keyboards
Sergio Melo - drums

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