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On a dark cloudy night in March 1992 guitarist Bruno Sampaio got a phone call. On the other side of the line were bass player Fabio Girão, keyboardist Newton Cardoso and a bottle full of vodka. The proposal was a bit vague, but it involved the idea of the three of them making some sort of music together. Bruno took the call and immediately boarded a bus in order to meet his friends. By that time, he didn’t have a clue that only a couple of hours later, they would be setting the foundations of “General Rodriguez” written in stone, among vodka shots and many, many laughs.

The plan established on that night was to promote weekly meetings just to “make some noise”. Nothing previously arranged, no sheet music, just plug in and play and then see what they’d get. The result of all those meetings is condensed on this CD, probably the only one in history that took more time to be released than the Guns ´n Roses´ Chinese Democracy album!

That’s how it all worked: one of the guys would come up with a guitar riff, a bass groove or some harmonic idea on keyboards. Then, the others would add new input, until they achieved a song format considered “good enough” to be recorded on a single take, no overdubs, creating a version that later, could be a “workable” foundation. All the tracks on this CD, on their raw version, were laid down on a single night.

The history of General Rodriguez is also the history of the recording technology development. The first recordings were made on a 4-track TASCAM cassette recorder. The CD was mastered on a Pro Tools system. All this evolution created an unpredicted situation: an “attachment” to some sonorities almost impossible to be reproduced, since some of them were recorded twenty years before! This CD is the result of many arguments about tones, grooves, solos, phrases and a lot of “letting go” of the past.

At the very end, already at stoppage time of our musical soccer game, drummer Sérgio Melo entered the picture to score a spectacular goal, nailing with impressive precision his drum takes, giving the band a deep and powerful sound upgrade.

The members of General Rodriguez wish that, while listening to this CD, you may experience the same pleasure the band had in the course of its making. And they wish you can have as many laughs - a trademark of the group - as they had every time they got together. And still have...

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